Stichting ScienceFor Foundation (SSF)

Stichting ScienceFor Foundation supports people who promote science and strive to make science more popular, beloved and just as importantly, worthy to be loved. SSF aims to achieve this by:
1. Helping people who promote science to apply neuroscience and neuroscientific insights to make science more popular and beloved.
2. Promoting nuance in scientific communication to make sure both science's possibilities as well as limitations are communicated. Science has brought humanity many great advances, but is not without its drawbacks and dark side. 
3. Helping to improve science, in particular to increase the focus on the application of science to benefit society and human well-being. Also to make science itself more human and social, and to moderate an honest and ongoing discussion about what ails today's scientific field.
Science must communicate outwards about its potential greatness, but it must also look inwards to understand its potential darkness. Just one of those aspects cannot go without the other, promoting science would otherwise become an empty success.
SSF will perform many different activities to achieve its mission, because it takes a systems approach to science and how it relates to society.
Are you actively promoting science, in particular to people outside of science?
Please contact us at info@sciencefor.org and we will gladly inform you about how we can support you! From training in applying techniques from the field of (consumer) neuroscience, to help you become much more effective in promoting science, to providing you space and support on our website to help you promote science. Let's discuss how we can work together to promote science!